Banner Health Dispatcher in Tempe, Arizona


Job ID: 7728


City: AZ-Tempe

Shift: Days

Start Time: 9:00 am

End Time: 5:30 pm

FTE Status: (FA) 1.0 - 40 Hours



The dispatcher coordinates the schedules and activities of the couriers, multi-route drivers, and hospital messengers. The dispatcher must be familiar with all courier and hospital routes; local and statewide. Responsible for client requests for will call service and communicating with logistics staff for these requests. He/she must be able to effectively communicate with clients to record STAT testing and patient information. Timely dispatching of STAT calls to 3rd party vendors. Sorts and distributes Cytology and Pathology reports. Dispatchers shall be responsible for the control of company assets. The dispatcher often has to research and resolve pickup problems. Evening dispatchers will do nightly closing and backup on the computerized dispatch program.


  1. Communicates with internal and external customers, couriers, hospital messengers and 3rd party vendors by radio, telephone and computer. Records and dispatches all requests for pick up and deliveries; locally and statewide. Enters all pick up and delivery information into computerized dispatch system, including test type, patient name and client information. Must be able to enter information accurately. Responsible for updating the dispatch system database and route information.

  2. Responds to questions and resolves service issues such as complaints, missed pick ups, missing supplies, late STAT pick ups, etc.

  3. Sorts and distributes test results, test update information, interoffice mail, and supplies. Orders courier supplies and maintains the courier room. Responsible for control of company assets (vehicle keys, radios, and mobile data devices).

  4. Collects and organizes information for special reports and projects. Prints and reconciles daily will call logs.


Ability to communicate effectively through reading, writing, and speaking in person or on telephone. Knowledge of and ability to operate a personal computer.


Additional related education and/or experience preferred.